Why Hospitality Is The Best Industry

Apr 15, 2018


Why Hospitality Is The Best Industry


Universal Skill Set

Once you’ve learnt the tricks of the trade you can work anywhere in the world. From bartending on the beaches of Miami to fine tuning your patisserie skills in Paris. There are no limits to where you can work.


It’s Social

No one ever said hospitality was lonely.  You’re continually surrounded by like-minded people bonding over that annoying customer that asked for no lettuce in their salad (it happens, trust us).


You Get To Witness The Big Moments

This is our personal favourite. You’re making celebrating engagements, weddings, grandma’s 90th birthday and 1st birthdays possible.  You also get to be a part of some of the best moments in peoples lives which can make you feel pretty good.   


Great Flexibility

Although some people hate shift work, WE LOVE IT! Shift work allows you to free up blocks of the day. You can swap for the early morning shift freeing up your night for drinks & dinner or work the night shift so you can spend the day on the beach. The flexibility means you can make time for what you want to do when you want to do it.


It’s In Demand

We’re pretty certain no one would EVER sacrifice their ‘Smashed Avo’ or ‘Beers with the Boys. Eating out will always be in demand so you will never be without work (unless your bad at your job).


It builds resilience  

There’s no doubt that working in hospitality can be incredibly hard at times. You will do things you never thought you were capable of and you’ll come out the other side stronger than you did before, mentally and physically.


If this sounds like your kind of thing head to our Training Page and see how we can help you pursure a career in hospitality.