Cement the NEW Era

Jun 06, 2019


Cement the NEW Era

‘In 2018, Tooheys New re-entered the fray alongside the New South Wales Blues, bringing with it some wisdom from the glory years of the Blues when Tooheys was last on deck. Having helped Freddy’s new generation of Blues to a breakthrough series win, Tooheys New is back for Year 2 and out to ensure the Blues CAN go back to back and Cement the NEW Era.


In 2019 we celebrate some of Freddy’s interesting training techniques and hero pledges from six of the Blues best on our iconic blue cans on how they are going to keep their heads strapped on to go back to back. Punters will be able to collect the six Blues edition cans when they buy a 30 pack throughout this year’s series!



‘No Richard Head policy. The Blues jersey doesn’t fit a big melon.’



‘Trust in Freddy, whatever bizarre things he gets us doing.’



‘Remember the pain of defeat. To maintain our hunger. Let’s Cement the NEW Era.’



‘No individual try celebrations. Thank your team mates before busting a move.’



‘No bus to the stadium across the road. If I can handle QLD forwards, I can handle their fans.’



‘No social media in camp. The only followers I want are QLD defenders.’




While the Blues players will be offering reassurance to the NSW faithful every time they have a Blue can in hand, Hindy has been enthusiastically offering his unique brand of support to ensure the Blues are confident they CAN go back to back. Hindy’s antics will feature across digital content, radio & media integration with over half of NSW males seeing the campaign over 10 times. Check it out for yourself at www.facebook.com/Tooheys.


Toohey campaign will truly come to life in over 2000 of the state’s pubs, clubs & bottleshops with visibility items to ensure NSW is painted true blue and every loyal Blues fan has a chance to win some great Blues gear with Tooheys. Of course, the moment of truth will be Game 3 at ANZ Stadium, Sydney. Tooheys will again be out in force in Sydney Olympic Park to help punters celebrate the first home decider in 3 years and the Blues going back to back to Cement the NEW Era.’