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    QLD - RMLV 1 day RMLV

    Offering RMLV (Responsible Management of Licensed Venue) located in the heart of Fortitude Valley Brisbane, QLD. The RMLV Course (Responsible Management of Licensed Venues course) is a requirement of the most current and new Liquor Licensees as well as mandatory for all ‘Approved Managers’. This is a not a nationally accredited course but is a Queensland Liquor Licensing requirement, OLGR approved course. Each licensed premises must have to have a nominee or approved manager on-site during most times of operation and for later hours of trade. As your RMLV is valid for 3 years, our courses cater for you to either obtain or renew your certification. Our trainer has a wide range of industry experience in licensed outlets to assist in relating this course to individuals’ places of employment and has been training in this area for the last 5 years. RMLV courses will be run over the popular one-day format, ideal for busy hospitality managers.

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    QLD, NSW, VIC - General / All Rounder Ananas Fundamentals

    The foundation knowledge to start your career in hospitality - anywhere in the world. Contains our seven fundamental courses packaged in to one certificate. Covering the key areas of Hospitality; service, spirits, wine, beer and cocktails.

    QLD - Certificates SIT30616 Certificate III in Hospitality

    BRISBANE BASED TRAINING (Capalaba) Whether you are unemployed, looking for a career change or just wish to upskill, EDB Training Services can provide you with a Nationally Recognised Qualification in Hospitality. Delivered by our expert industry trainers this qualification is highly sort after across the entire hospitality industries. It provides the skills and knowledge for an individual to be competent in the hospitality operations.

    QLD, NSW, VIC - Barista 2 Days Barista Course

    Passionate about coffee? This 12 hour program provides the essentials for coffee-making and cafe know-how to help you get a job in hospitality during your stay in Australia.

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    NSW - General / All Rounder Diploma Of Hospitality Management

    Are you searching for a rewarding career in a growing industry? The hospitality industry has a high demand for passionate and outgoing people, opening up a world of managerial opportunities and new career goals!

    NSW - Certificates Certificate III In Hospitality

    Are you enthusiastic with a passion for people and service? The rapidly growing hospitality industry could be just what you’re looking for. This entry level course will equip you with effective communication and hospitality service skills.

    WA, SA, QLD, NSW, VIC - General / All Rounder Whisky Professional

    Learn all about whisky. This course focuses on scotch whiskies but also covers other key whisky-making regions such as Ireland, Japan and Australia.

    WA, SA, QLD, NSW, VIC - General / All Rounder Cocktails Professional

    The origins of cocktail culture and the seven 'Cocktail Generations'. Recipes and 'How-to' videos for over 50 key classic and well-known contemporary cocktails.

    WA, SA, QLD, NSW, VIC - General / All Rounder Spirits Fundamentals

    Learn the basics of the major spirit categories, their production, different styles and how to serve them. Perfect for new hospitality professionals, or those looking to brush up on the fundamentals.

    QLD, NSW, VIC - General / All Rounder Difficult conversations in the workplace - employee course

    This course will help you gain the skills and confidence you need to discuss workplace issues when they arise.

    QLD, NSW, VIC - General / All Rounder Difficult conversations in the workplace - manager course

    Many workplace issues can be resolved quickly and informally if you discuss them with your employees.

    QLD - Certificates Certificate III in Commercial Cookery

    Welcome to the kitchen of your dreams, where your future career is waiting to unfold. With the Certificate III in Commercial Cookery, you’ll gain hands-on experience in the kitchen and acquire the fundamental food skills that can take you around the world. Jump into the dynamic world of hospitality and experience all it has to offer with your newfound practical and theoretical knowledge. This qualification provides a pathway to become a Commercial Cook in a wide range of hospitality establishments. After completion of the course, you can continue your path to work as a Chef by undertaking the Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery.

    VIC - Certificates Cert. IV In Patisserie

    Enhance your technical and management skills. This qualification reflects the role of pastry chefs who have a supervisory or team leading role in the kitchen. They operate independently or with limited guidance from others and use discretion to solve non-routine problems. This qualification provides a pathway to work in various organisations where patisserie products are prepared and served, including patisseries, restaurants, hotels, catering operations, clubs, pubs, cafés, and coffee shops. Students develop practical skills and obtain essential knowledge required to become qualified Pastry Cooks. After completion of the Cert III and Cert IV in Patisserie graduates can expect to take on the role of Pastry Cook at a hospitality venue (pending the prerequisite work experience). The Cert III & IV provide a direct pathway to the Diploma of Hospitality Management.

    VIC - Certificates Cert. III In Patisserie

    Embrace the world-wide popularity of pastry, cakes, desert and chocolate making. Imagine mornings in the kitchen baking warm, flaky croissants, afternoons creating the perfect sweet and salty pastries, and evenings carefully decorating a wedding cake for the next day event. If the delectable aromas and breathtaking sights of specialty baking rule your life, then Front Cooking School’s Certificate III in Patisserie is the course for you. This qualification provides a pathway to work in various organisations where patisserie products are prepared and served, including patisseries, restaurants, hotels, catering operations, clubs, pubs, cafés and coffee shops. As part of the course, students are required to complete 24 occasions of Workbased Training. The College will assist you in kick-starting your career by finding a quality venue for you to complete your WBT.

    VIC - Certificates Cert. IV In Commercial Cookery

    If you’ve always dreamed of running a restaurant and experiencing the joy of serving your signature dishes to satisfied customers, you’d know it’s about more than just the food. Expand upon to your culinary talents with the Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery, with kitchen-based practical learning as well as classroom theory-based subjects where you’ll learn to manage finances, a kitchen and a team – the skills essential for success in hospitality. This qualification provides a pathway to work as a Chef in organisations such as cafes, clubs, coffee shops, hotels, pubs and restaurants or to run your own small business in these sectors.

    QLD, NSW, VIC - General / All Rounder Online Compliance Training

    Allara Learning will provide you with high quality training and the the skills for exceptional customer service. $2.33per month.

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    VIC - General / All Rounder Barista Course

    This course is essential for anyone who wishes to make a start in the espresso coffee industry, providing you with basic skills and knowledge. You will learn how the espresso coffee menu is constructed, how to extract espresso, how to texture milk and you will practice making espresso drinks.

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    VIC - RSA Advanced Responsible Service Of Alcohol

    This course covers topics to help deal with the risk management and compliance issues faced as a manager. Subject matter experts from Victoria Police, VCGLR, Security and First Aid professionals will answer frequently asked questions.

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    VIC - RSA Responsible Service Of Alcohol

    The Responsible Service of Alcohol training is endorsed by VCGLR .Undertaking the approved RSA program gives participants the skills and knowledge necessary to contribute to a safe, enjoyable environment in licensed premises.

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    VIC - General / All Rounder First Aid

    The First Aid course comprises of 2 components – online and practical (face to face). You need to complete and be deemed competent in both components to be awarded the National Unit of Competency, HLTAID003 Provide First Aid.

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    QLD - GNT Gaming Nominee Training Course

    This training course covers the legal responsibilities and best practise management techniques in accordance with the Gaming Machine Act (Qld). GNT training is a mandatory requirement for all applicants for a Gaming Nominee licence.

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    QLD - RSG Responsible Service of Gambling

    This course delivers the skills and knowledge required to deliver responsible gambling services, and provides information to staff to assist customers regarding their gambling activity. RSG is a mandatory course for all staff who carry out gaming tasks.

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    QLD - RSA Responsible Service of Alcohol/Gambling Package

    This mandatory course promotes responsible service of alcohol in licensed premises and delivers skills and knowledge in gambling services.

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    QLD - RMLV Responsible Management of Licensed Venue Course

    RMLV training assists managers in the responsible operation of licensed premises. This course is mandatory for applicants for new liquor licences, liquor licence transfers and for liquor Approved Manager licence holders.

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    QLD - RSA Responsible Service of Alcohol Course

    This course promotes responsible service of alcohol in licensed premises and is mandatory in Queensland for all staff involved in the sale and /or supply of liquor. RSA courses are predominantly delivered online. Face-to-face RSA courses are available for group bookings (i.e. a venue or school) by calling us on 3221 6999 or email

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    QLD, NSW, VIC - General / All Rounder Managing Employees

    Good employee management is linked to lower staff turnover, higher productivity and business success.

    QLD, NSW, VIC - General / All Rounder Diversity and discrimination

    A diverse and inclusive workforce is good for business. It encourages acceptance and respectful behaviour and minimises the risk of discrimination.

    QLD, NSW, VIC - General / All Rounder Hiring Employees

    This course provides general guidance on hiring a new employee.

    QLD, NSW, VIC - General / All Rounder Starting A New Job

    This course provides general guidance about starting a new job.


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