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    Online Training - Guinness Guinness Draught - Master The Perfect Pour

    For over 260 years, since 1759 we have been passionate about creating and pouring the perfect pint of Guinness and now it's your chance to learn just how.

    Online Training - Online MONIN Piña Colada Le Mixeur

    Welcome to the neswest installment of Monin Le Mixeur - Mix It Up Series! This time, Piña Colada takes center stage. Come unlock the secrets behind its laid-back elegance.  It's not just a drink; it's a "piña"-cle choice for those seeking a taste of paradise. where the sun always shines, and the vibes are always chill!

    Online Training - Online MONIN Mojito Le Mixeur

    Get ready for another round of our Monin Le Mixeur Quiz Series, as we delve into the enchanting world of Mojitos! In this second installment, we're exploring the minty marvel that defines the Mojito. The perfect balance of sweet, tangy and minty freshness. It's a symphony of flavours on your palate.

    Online Training - Online Fever-Tree - Tonics & More

    🌟 Unveil the art of tonic mastery with the Fever-Tree Tonic Quiz! 🍹 Explore the sun-kissed flavors of the Mediterranean, embrace the vibrant notes of Pink Grapefruit, the iconic Indian Tonic. Discover which Fever-Tree tonic perfectly complements your favorite spirit. Take the quiz, unlock your tonic profile, and raise the bar on your cocktail game! 🎉✨ #Mixwiththebest

    Online Training - Online Monin Margarita le Mixeur

    Shake up your world with the perfect blend of MONIN’s citrusy Margarita Le Mixeur and Blanco Tequila! Let us take you on the journey as we unveil the secrets to crafting the ultimate margarita. Become King, or Queen, of Margaritaville with all the know-how within! #moninispiration

    Online Training - Online Fever-Tree - Summer Mixers

    🌞 Dive into the ultimate Summer Mixing Challenge with Fever-Tree! 🍹  Explore vibrant flavors, and master the art of crafting refreshing drinks. Take our online quiz to discover your perfect Fever-Tree soda pairing for a sensational summer & find the fizz that fits your taste. #Mixwiththebest

    Online Training - General / All Rounder Heineken® Star Serve

    Want to know the final ingredient in a glass of Heineken® draught beer? It’s the way it’s served. Upskill online in under 10mins.

    Online Training - Online Nestlé Professional – Buondi Barista Academy

    Learn how to pour the perfect Buondi Coffee every time thanks to Nestlé Professional.

    Online Training - Online Allara Global - Pour a beer

    Now on to beer! Pouring a beer should be in every bartender's skillset. Follow along with this step-by-step video which will teach you to do just that. This video includes how to select the correct glass, how to correctly pour a beer, and tips on customer service when pouring a beer.

    Online Training - Online Allara Global - Open and Pour Wine

    Familiarise yourself with the important Do’s and Don’ts and features tips for handling a wine bottle and pouring, presenting and serving wine to customers.

    Online Training - Online Allara Global - Bar Set Up

    Get to know how to properly set up a bar. This bite-sized training video takes a look at the different areas to consider when setting up a bar, including; hygiene, equipment, drinks set-up and preparing garnishes.

    Online Training - Online Diageo Online Training - Timekeeping

    It’s important to be on time.Our timekeeping E-learning course will enable you to prioritise tasks so you can make the most out of your professional and personal life.

    Online Training - Online Diageo Online Training - Equality and Diversity

    Working in the hospitality industry, you will encounter people from all walks of life. In this module you will learn how to recognise potential biases and appreciate and accommodate people's differences

    Online Training - Online Diageo Online Training - Selling With Menus

    A great menu is like an advertisement for your venue. Learn how to design and implement a successful menu through this interactive course!

    Online Training - Online Diageo Online Training - Exploring Drinks With Food

    Learn how to make the most of pre and post-meal opportunities through this interactive course

    Online Training - Online Diageo Online Training - Communication & Teamwork

    In this course, you’ll learn how to communicate well with your team members, nurture good interpersonal skills and discover tips and tricks from the experts

    Online Training - Online Diageo Online Training - Guinness Essentials

    Learn all there is to know about Guinness history and heritage and how you can serve a beautiful, great quality, great-tasting Guinness, every time.

    Online Training - Online Diageo Online Training - Responsible Serving

    Learn the importance of measuring drinks, understand the effects of alcohol and interactive guidelines on selling alcohol.

    NSW - RSA Barringtons RSA Course

    Register now for the RSA Nationally Accredited Short Course with Be Trained By Barringtons. It is both law and in the best interest of club owners to invest in Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) training for all staff members involved in the supply or demonstration of alcohol.

    More details $170.00
    Online Training - Certificates Free Online E-Learning

    Click the link to sign up and complete these individual online training courses. It only takes 20 minutes to complete each one. You will receive a certificate of completion. Finish your BarcatsU18 profile and we'll add a badge.

    Online Training - Certificates R U OK? Online Training

    R U OK? have teamed up with Allara Learning to develop a new online short course, R U OK? Workplace Conversation Guide. The interactive course is designed to you learn how to ask, “are you OK?” of any one in your world that you might be worried about. The course also helps you learn how to respond appropriately and safely to anyone who says, “No, I’m not ok.”

    WA, SA, QLD, NSW, VIC - Certificates Classic Cocktails

    Kyle Hall has worked in some of the finest bars around the world and most recently, he designed beverage programs for Marriott Hotels in North America. In this video workshop, Kyle will take you on a journey and show you how the world's most popular classic cocktails are made. If you want to learn how to be the best at making the most popular cocktails in the world, this workshop is a must do.

    More details $20.90
    VIC - Degree / Diploma Diploma of Hospitality Management

    The Diploma in Hospitality represents a qualification that is based on very sophisticated technical applications involving competencies requiring increased theoretical knowledge, applied in a non-routine environment and which involves team leadership, management and increased responsibility for better outcomes. It reflects the role of a Manager, Chef and Sous Chef.

    VIC - Certificates Cert.3 In Commercial Cookery

    This qualification provides you with the practical cookery skills and knowledge required to work safely in a commercial kitchen environment. When you study commercial cookery with Academia, you benefit from not only classroom-based learning, but practical training, too! Training is conducted in our onsite training kitchens, which are equipped to meet industry standards. You will be assessed through written tests, assignments and practical tasks.

    QLD - Certificates SIT30616 Certificate III in Hospitality

    BRISBANE BASED TRAINING (Capalaba) Whether you are unemployed, looking for a career change or just wish to upskill, EDB Training Services can provide you with a Nationally Recognised Qualification in Hospitality. Delivered by our expert industry trainers this qualification is highly sort after across the entire hospitality industries. It provides the skills and knowledge for an individual to be competent in the hospitality operations.

    QLD, NSW, VIC - General / All Rounder Difficult conversations in the workplace - employee course

    This course will help you gain the skills and confidence you need to discuss workplace issues when they arise.

    QLD, NSW, VIC - General / All Rounder Difficult conversations in the workplace - manager course

    Many workplace issues can be resolved quickly and informally if you discuss them with your employees.

    QLD - Certificates Certificate III in Commercial Cookery

    Welcome to the kitchen of your dreams, where your future career is waiting to unfold. With the Certificate III in Commercial Cookery, you’ll gain hands-on experience in the kitchen and acquire the fundamental food skills that can take you around the world. Jump into the dynamic world of hospitality and experience all it has to offer with your newfound practical and theoretical knowledge. This qualification provides a pathway to become a Commercial Cook in a wide range of hospitality establishments. After completion of the course, you can continue your path to work as a Chef by undertaking the Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery.

    QLD, NSW, VIC - General / All Rounder Online Compliance Training

    Allara Learning will provide you with high quality training and the the skills for exceptional customer service. $2.33per month.

    More details $2.33
    QLD - GNT Gaming Nominee Training Course

    This training course covers the legal responsibilities and best practise management techniques in accordance with the Gaming Machine Act (Qld). GNT training is a mandatory requirement for all applicants for a Gaming Nominee licence.

    More details $495.00
    QLD - RSG Responsible Service of Gambling

    This course delivers the skills and knowledge required to deliver responsible gambling services, and provides information to staff to assist customers regarding their gambling activity. RSG is a mandatory course for all staff who carry out gaming tasks.

    More details $22.00
    QLD - RMLV Responsible Management of Licensed Venue Course

    RMLV training assists managers in the responsible operation of licensed premises. This course is mandatory for applicants for new liquor licences, liquor licence transfers and for liquor Approved Manager licence holders.

    More details $495.00
    QLD - RSA Responsible Service of Alcohol Course

    This course promotes responsible service of alcohol in licensed premises and is mandatory in Queensland for all staff involved in the sale and /or supply of liquor. RSA courses are predominantly delivered online. Face-to-face RSA courses are available for group bookings (i.e. a venue or school) by calling us on 3221 6999 or email

    More details $22.00
    QLD, NSW, VIC - General / All Rounder Managing Employees

    Good employee management is linked to lower staff turnover, higher productivity and business success.

    QLD, NSW, VIC - General / All Rounder Diversity and discrimination

    A diverse and inclusive workforce is good for business. It encourages acceptance and respectful behaviour and minimises the risk of discrimination.

    QLD, NSW, VIC - General / All Rounder Hiring Employees

    This course provides general guidance on hiring a new employee.

    QLD, NSW, VIC - General / All Rounder Starting A New Job

    This course provides general guidance about starting a new job.


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