4 Reasons Hospo Jobs are the Best

Jan 03, 2019


4 Reasons Hospo Jobs are the Best

It takes a special breed of human to work in hospitality. Not only do the roles require patience, agility, and charisma- they also require putting up with heaps of obnoxious occurrences that will undoubtedly make you question your sanity and the “customer is always right" attitude. 

However, there are several things that only jobs in hospo can teach you and why it's the best industry to work in! Here are 4 reasons why it rocks to have a hospo job:

Networking #Goals

Nothing beats meeting new people. Working behind a bar on a Friday night, or making coffees on an early Monday morning- you’re bound to chat it up with someone that you’ve never met before. Whether that someone was an extra on Bondi Vet or they’re CEO of a global company- The truth is, all sorts of people could be coming through the door and it’s basically your job to be nice to them. Networking opportunities #sorted.  

9 to 5? NO WAY. 

As lush as an office in the city sounds…. we all know that a 9 to 5 schedule allows for little flexibility- and ain't nobody got time fo that. How good is the perk of finding a coworker to cover your shift in an emergency (or the most beautiful day of surf in weeks)? Besides, who likes the same routine day in and day out? 

Move Your Way to the Top 

The turnover rate in hospitality is quite high, but that just means managers see the value in someone who’s hard-working and committed! Not only are there opportunities to gain more responsibilities within the company, but there’s a chance to take on larger roles! And we all love adding extra flair to our CV. 

Get Creative  

If you work in hospo, you’re flexing your creative muscles every time you go into work! *puh POW* Speaking to difficult customers, pouring fancy lattes, concocting perfect cocktails, and even keeping team morale high on a never-ending shift. These all require critical and creative thinking!  

Chances are if you work in hospo- you generally enjoy people. And even further, people enjoy you right back. So smile, relax, and be thankful for those crazy shifts and hard-to-deal-with customers. You’re in an incredible industry filled with perks!