42 Below Sustainable Cocktail Showcase

Feb 19, 2019


42 Below Sustainable Cocktail Showcase

42BELOW’s Sustainable Cocktail Showcase has come to a close.

Two Aussie and two Kiwi bartenders will be off to Bali on an eco-trip of a lifetime. The winners are…

• Australia: Tioni Naslund (Flaggerdoot, VIC) & Honni Cox (Hades Hula House, SA)

• New Zealand: Juleon Green (Bedford Soda and Liquor) & Alex Vowles (Hawthorn Lounge)

And really, feast thine eyes upon their creations and tell us you don’t feel the same:


(L-R: Australian winners Tioni Naslund’s 42 Reasons, Honni Cox’s One in A-Melon)


But more about their drinks below. They’ll all be off on an eco-trip to Bali to see first-hand the gross stuff that humans are doing to a beautiful island right on our door-step. And they’ll also work with some better humans who are doing something about it.


The prize winners will be meeting with our innovative Trash-tech partner, Grinngo and be taken on a Tour-de-Trash, helping save the ocean from plastic pollutants, working in recycling and sorting plants, and training local Bali bartenders on how to run a sustainable cocktail programme. This will be lifechanging for these bartenders, and they will come back and continue to lead the way in sustainable bartending back home.


An all-star, all-time vodka judging panel assessed the Sustainability and Creativity of the cocktails while over 4,000 votes from the ANZ public counted towards the Popularity.


Head judge Kane Stanford, 42BELOW Global Brand Manager said of the process: “There were some amazing drinks for us to sift though. We were so stoked to see such creative approaches to sustainable cocktails. No straws is easy, but just the beginning, so it was great to see such innovation from our industry leaders. It was a tough gig to judge, but in the end the winners were clear and deserved. Well played, folks.” Honni’s cocktail, One-in-a-Melon blew the judges away with her zero waste take on the classic (but super wasteful) bubble tea, while Tioni’s 42 Reasons cleaned up with a hyper-local foraging strategy, taking left over waste from his restaurant and bar.


The 42BELOW Sustainable Cocktail Showcase aims to promote and celebrate the great work that awesome bartenders are doing to create cocktails which are both sustainable and yum. Gross old humans are churning out so much trash on the reg that an island of trash 5 times the size of NZ has accumulated in the Pacific. That’s not cool. In fact it sucks. And 42BELOW wants to help ensure #thefuturedoesntsuck.