Are You Working In Or Running A Business In The Fast Food, Restaurant Or Cafe Industry?

May 06, 2019


Are You Working In Or Running A Business In The Fast Food, Restaurant Or Cafe Industry?



Understand Your Award: 

Awards are legal documents that explain minimum pay rates and conditions of employment. They apply to employers and employees depending on the industry they work in and the type of job they do. 


Learn more about your award with Fast Food Industryand Restaurant and Cafes Industryaward interactive tool. Note sure which applies to you? Use find my award toolto find out.


Find The Right Pay: 

Employees must be paid for their work in money. The amount an employee needs to be paid an depend on their age, duties and hours of work. Use the Pay Calculatoror download the pay guidefor your award to make sure you have the right pay rates. 


Learn more about minimum wage, penalty rates, overtime and allowances on The Ombudsman pay page.


Record-keeping And Pay Slips:

Employees must be give a play slip within 1 working day of being paid. Also, as an employer, record-keeping is important to keep your business running smoothly. It’s also the law. 


Find more information about the kinds of records employers need to keep and what needs to be included on pay slips on record-keepingand pay slipspages. 


Salary Payments: 

An annual salary can’t be less than the minimum amount an employee would have been paid under their award. It’s a good idea to check employment contracts for details of any annual salary arrangements. An employee’s annual salary must be reviewed after each year to make sure the employee was paid enough.


Best Practice Tip: 

Employers must keep track of hours worked and unpaid breaks taken by all of their salaried employees. These records must be provided as paper copies for employees to sign every pay period or roster cycle. 


Reconciling records throughout the year will make it easier to avoid big mistakes and debts when it’s time for the annual salary review. 


Find the information about the rules in your award about marking an annual salary agreement by selecting your industry on our Salary payments page


Hours of Work: 

An employee’s hours of work (including overtime) are set out in the relevant award and an be different for full-time, part-time and casual employees. Employees are also entitled to rest and meal breaks. 


For more information about these entitlements, see hours of work, breaks and rosters overviewpage. 


Calculate Leave: 

Employees are entitled to different types of leave as long as they meet certain conditions. 


Learn more about the types of leave including: 




Calculate annual, sick and carer’s leave using Leave calculator